About Us

Who We Are

We are Warlance Gameservers, we aim to provide a full suite of online solutions and consolidation services for your business or personal needs. We offer game servers, voice servers, and web hosting in multiple locations  throughout the world. We only invest and use the best hardware available from reputable datacenters.

Where We Began

Warlance Gameservers’ name was established in 2015. Originally a small service used to provide hosting to friends, Warlance Gameservers grew into a trusted solution known among many gaming communities as a reliable provider. It has been quite a ride for the Founders, and they have enjoyed every moment of the experience that made Warlance Gameserver what it is today.

Our Promise

Trusting Warlance Gameservers with your business means trusting the best. We promise to try our hardest to deliver the following to every service provided by us:

  • The best, down to earth, customer service experience possible
  • 99% minimum up-time, or credit to each account affected by downtime
  • High quality, frustration-free services
  • Secure and data safe solutions
  • Underloading of servers
  • DDoS protection included with all servers, no hidden fees

Our Team

Jordan K.
Billing & Sales Manager, Founder

Austin F.
Systems Administrator, Co-Founder

Justin G.
Level III Game Support

Andrew S.
Level III Game Support & Sales